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My name is Andrei Ionut Apopei and as my website suggests, I’m an photo- video- and webdesign- addicted. I was born on December 1987 in Iasi, ROMANIA and for nearly 7 years now I’m working for me and my future as an experienced and very creative mind.

Because Geologists are very sedimental (yes! I’m one of them), I have completed my graduation in Geology (bachelor’s degree in Geochemistry and master’s degree in Environmental Geochemistry) and I would like to study furthermore; especially oriented on vibrational Spectroscopy (Raman and IR), also interested in < coding > and { design }. What I love about Geology is that it helps finding the ‘truth about Earth’ and offers a constant feeling of discovery; looking at the simplest mineral on a molecular level is like describing a whole new world.

My interest in science, particularly in Geology, Chemistry and informational techniques applied to a wide range of problems in the field of geoscience in particular, developed in my bachelor years. These domains share a strong link, allowing people to understand Earth’s evolution and for me, to share my knowledge and practical work to others. Outside my ‘working hours’, I dedicate my free time to webpage development, 2D/3D animation, video editing and motion graphic, scripting (JAVA and JavaScript), photography (especially macro-) and filming. This teached me valuable practical skills… (why?) because…


Motivation and satisfaction

I have a feeling that you will enjoy when you see my Photos, also I want to thank you for making the necessary mouse-clicks to be on this website today and now. Now, I’m learning and practicing the alchemy of photography. I consider that, in general, photos need more than a notation, information or memory, than a consequence of real knowledge; e.g. passing a raw material in a well crystalized and deeply meaningful work. So, < thinking > is a inner experience, where sense and intellect must coexist.


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