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Please read rules before Sign up and posting

Read before Sign Up

Postby Andrei Ionut Apopei » Mon Sep 03, 2012 7:53 am

To sign up:

    + Set up an user account with your full name (first name + middle + last name): e.g. Andrei Ionut Apopei
    If the user don't respect this request, I don't approve it.

    When Sign Up, before submit, you need to answer to a question! Don't forget that. It's for Anti-Boots which can spam this forum.

    Sign Up



    + Please do not post in all CAPS;
    + Please give your posts/topics meaningful subject titles;
    + Please be respectful and courteous;
    + Please post only in the appropriate forums;
    + Please don't Bump your own topic unnecessarily;
    + Please don't double post in multiple forums;

For any question please contact me at andrei [dot] apopei [at] geology [dot] uaic [dot] ro (replace [dot] > . and [at] > @
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More information about Raman Spectroscopy

by Raman Spectroscopy » Weds Dec 10, 1930 05:32 pm

Raman Spectroscopy
Monochromatic light

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