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Buzgar N., Apopei A. I., Buzatu A. (2009) - Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy (



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PNII - IDEI COD 2119/2008

Alexandru Ioan Cuza UniversityFaculty of Geography and Geology

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Welcome to the Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy website. This project represents a database which was created as part of the grant entitled "The study of pigments from the artifacts and fresca of certain monasteries using Raman spectrography", code CNCSIS ID 2119/2008. The RDRS website was last updated on and it contains 72 individual mineral species (natural and synthetic) (+77 artefacts sample with over 200 Raman spectra of black, red, white, green and blue pigments) with description of crystal structure, sample image, origin of the sample, Raman spectrum and vibrations, Raman discussion and references.
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RDSS application - last release // 2013.09.20

A Raman spectra library software using peak positions for fast and accurate identification of unknown inorganic compounds (

  • Features

    RDRS website is free to use in your publication or presentation. That means you can use any information as long as you provide the citation (see the citation below, with yellow background);

    Raman spectra can be downloaded in .spc or .txt format (use citation if you use it in your work);

    Each mineral Raman spectrum have an interpretation of the peaks. Also, you have the possibility to zoom in the spectrum (applet) by selecting a spectral region you need to be increased (along axis x); to zoom keep the left mouse-click continously pressed, drag (to left or to right) and release the left button. To return to the initial size spectrum, press the right click on the spectrum -> Zoom -> Reset View;

    'Search data' section consist in a large table with all vibrations from all minerals. But if you want more details about one mineral or vibration, you can click to 'more information' (last column of the table);

    Click here to see all Raman publications and presentations

  • Minerals

    from carbonates class

    from sulfates class

    from single-chain silicates

    from double-chain silicates
  • Pigments

    from Cucuteni pottery

    from Greek & Roman artefacts

    Coming soon

    from Voroneţ monastery

    Coming soon

    from Suceviţa monastery
  • Blog
  • RDSS application

    Raman Data Search and Storage (RDSS) software was developed as an analytical tool for a fast and accurate identification of unknown minerals by comparison of their spectra with the indexed library of data. [more information]

  • Coming soon

    Raman spectra obtained from Cucuteni pottery: Aldeşti, Podei, Trebeş, Rusăieşti, Fulgeriş, Feteşti (A), Feteşti (B), Preuteşti (A); from Greek artefacts (pottery, painted walls): Orgame, Beroe; and from Roman artefacts (pottery, painted walls): Argamum, Beroe, Noviodunum (Isaccea); in progress

    Raman spectra obtained from mural paintings of the Voroneţ and Suceviţa monasteries (Bucovina, ROMANIA); please be patient

    Please be patient. I work as fast as possible to finish this "to-do" list.

    Website updates log

Disclaimer / Citation

It is prohibited that you use any information of RDRS for profit-making or commercial use without obtaining proper permission from RDRS. Also, when using the data or any information from the Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy in your publication or presentation, it is necessary to specify in the bibliography section the following text.

Please cite this website as:

Nicolae BUZGAR, Andrei Ionut APOPEI, Andrei BUZATU (2009) - Romanian Database of Raman Spectroscopy (

This website is under construction therefore please report any mistake or proposal by e-mail to:
[more information about RDRS project]

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