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03 Feteşti Sch. A 04 G16

Sample image with red and black pigment
large image

You can move the loupe anywhere you want. Also, you can hide the magnifier loupe by clicking the 'switch' button (placed in the bottom of the image).

You have the possibility to zoom in the spectrum by selecting a spectral region you need to be increased (along axis x); to zoom keep the left mouse-click continously pressed, drag (to left or to right) and release the left button. To return to the initial size spectrum, press the right click on the spectrum -> Zoom -> Reset View.

Raman spectrum of red pigment - Raman spectrum of Hematite
Toggle Grid Toggle Coordinates Reverse Spectrum Download Raman spectrum of red pigment .spc or .txt
Legend: red pigment___ and hematite___ Download Raman spectrum of Hematite standard .spc or .txt
Raman spectrum of black pigment - Raman spectrum of Jacobsite
Toggle Grid Toggle Coordinates Reverse Spectrum Download Raman spectrum of black pigment .spc or .txt
Legend: black pigment____ and jacobsite____ Download Raman spectrum of Jacobsite standard .txt

• Jacobsite spectrum from the RRUFF project [link]