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Search Data

Read this before using the search box. You can search for vibration, vibration type (assignement), mineral, chemical formula. For example, you can type 1087 and all minerals with 1087 values will be shown below; or if you want to display all the vibrations of calcite minerals, type calcite (in search box) and all the vibrations of calcite will be shown below. In case of vibration type (v1, v2 ...) or chemical formula (CaCO3, Fe2+CO3), the subscript or superscript are given by the relation: <sub>'number'</sub>, respectively <sup>'number'</sup>. For example if you want to search for Fe2+CO3 put in the search box this text: Fe<sup>2+</sup>CO<sub>3</sub>. You can also sort any column you want (ascending or descending).